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Happy Tails

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I went to Linda's home tonight, she looks very happy. There's a male dog in the house (a 7 year old lab mix) and a 3 year old little girl...and a nice couple. Their home is lovely too. All the girls around her, I think that's just what she needs.


I'm writing this to let you know how happy I am with my adopted " buddy". His name is Spence and I adopted him last September. He is a Dachshund and he is very spoiled at our house. I wish every animal at your shelter could be as happy as he is. I've had several pets in the past but Spencer is the very best. He is the most loving and affectionate dog I know. I'm sure, if he could talk, he'd tell you how happy he is living in our home. I just wanted you to know that this adoption was a complete success and we're both grateful for the shelter for providing me with this outstanding animal. He turned out to be my best " buddy".


I wanted to send an update for Cee Cee whom we call GraCee. She's adored as you can see in the pictures. We absolutely love her and she is great with the kids and the other dog. GraCee has found her spot in this family. My 2 year old feeds her treats all day and she follows her around. My 4 year old son like to lay on her and chase her from time to time. She get's just enough play time, she would much rather lie around in your lap and be loved! My husband has such a soft spot for her. We have taken her a few times to a dog park, but she tends to love the people more and follow my kids around. She is a ham. We appreciate her so much and wanted to say Thank you again for helping her find her way to our home & hearts!


We Sent Jessie to Animal House December 17, 2007. They recently featured her and wrote a heart wrenching appeal for someone to give her a chance . They had put her in foster with a trainer who taught her to obey and respond to commands. They have two videos of her and had said all she wanted for Christmas was her very own home. She got it in spades--5 kids fighting over who gets to sleep with her. Lesley said if this worked with Jessie, she was going to do other longer term dogs to help them. They have re-photographed and re-done the write-ups trying to help them. Jessie finally is home!


She was fantastic with everyone... Adults, kids and cat Mew – Everyone practiced outfitting her with her gentle leader, walking her around and practiced getting her in her crate and sit, down and paw. All good! Here I show a six year old can work with her!

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