Fostering is a great way to help the Terre Haute Humane Society's animals.  This is a program that allows sick, injured, unsocialized, or just animals that do not show well behind a kennel gate or like being fenced in at all, have a safe, loving environment.  A lot of times they will stay in foster until they find their forever home.

If you are someone that loves animals and can't own one for work reasons or a unstructured schedule, this may be a way to feel like you have a pet, w/o the total responsibility of owning.   If you are accepted as a foster, THHS will cover the costs associated with maintaining this animal (minus the cost of food in most cases) in your home.

We have been able to save a lot more animals due to our robust foster program and are always looking to add wonderful fosters to our list.

What are you waiting for?  There are babies that need you!

Apply online via our Foster Application and contact our Foster Coordinators for more information at