Humane Education

Groups from schools, day care centers, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, churches, clubs and other Puppy organizations are urged to visit the pet adoption center, see the facilities and take an active part by becoming a volunteer and/or member. Please call ahead to arrange a visit or program -- 812/232-0293.

One of the goals of the Terre Haute Humane Society is to foster in members of our community an attitude of caring and compassion for all animals and to promote responsible pet ownership. The society feels that children especially need to be taught how to handle and care for pets, how to observe other living creatures without hurting them, how to appreciate, enjoy and respect all life.

To achieve this goal the Society provides a number of resources for teachers, scout leaders, church youth leaders, and other individuals working with our young people.

Classroom activities can be used in elementary schools. These activities promote responsible pet care while reinforcing basic mathematics and English skills to be tested on the ISTEP exam.

Informative materials about animal issues including information about endangered animals can be used by middle and high school students in speech class or as a subject for English class theme papers. The Shelter makes an excellent volunteer opportunity for students who need community service hours.

A teacher/volunteer can bring a variety of programs about animals or animal concerns into the classroom. Society volunteers can work with school personnel on service learning projects.

For more information on these resources or other educational initiatives, email us


Humane Education Links

Here is a sampling of web links to a variety of humane education programs. To find more, just go to, and enter "humane education programs."

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