Leave a Humane Legacy!

  • Will or Estate Plan Contribution: A bequest through your will or estate plan leaves a legacy of caring for the animals and people we serve.

  • IRA & Retirement Plan Contribution: Gifts from a retirement plan is simple to arrange. Just designate The Terre Haute Humane Society to receive all or a portion of the balance of your funds when you no longer need them. This may allow you to give more, while leaving heirs other assets that may be taxed at lower rates.

  • Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary: Gifts of a life insurance policy or proceeds of a policy that are no longer needed to protect a loved one can also be an excellent way to give. You may be able to use life insurance to “replace” assets you donate to charity, allowing you to provide for your loved ones and your charitable interests. Name THHS as owner of beneficiary on your life insurance policy.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: A gift that provides you with immediate tax savings along with generous, lifetime payments, such as a charitable remainder trust, can be another way to give while maintaining or enhancing financial security. The Charitable Remainder Trust is structured so that there is a current beneficiary, who is either the donor or a named individual, and a remainder beneficiary, which is a qualified charity.

To receive info on any of these opportunities email thhs@thhs.org